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Where does the time go?

Do you know the word change? How does it resonate with you? Are you able to say I need a change? Are you able to admit to yourself that the feeling in you is not connect with the circumstances around you, it is only your inner world? No one can see all you feel, but you know you wanna make that step, but the fear is too big that you actually better stay in the situation when everyday you will just think about taking that step. Really? And thats it? Thinking about what could be, when there is a better way to Live.

I can tell you honestly that bad decision is better then none. You know the things you think about when the day is over and you spend an other day of your Life thinking about, if I just....., but then you end up just saying, but what about if this and that happen...., and you know your routine and you are comfortable, because it does not hurt, it is stable and never change, no excitement, but also no stress from the new and unknown.

Really? Stress? It is just the fear from what would be, but if you take that step, everything will just work out and be just fine..I promise...Live the Life you dream about. Live for every second, because every second counts. Life is define by time and time flies fast, faster then you think and one day they will not be the time to even make that step, so think about it before you take a step into the new day.

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