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At the Glass Outhouse gallery

Just an other day in the desert. This area is getting very popular lately, but they are some places, which are not built fast on the rapidly growing popularity of the Hi-Desert. There are places here which have a great story like the Outhouse gallery in the middle of nowhere, but still interesting enough for people to go there.

You pass Joshua Tree village and you also pass City of 29 Palms until you see an old Volkswagen and several bikes on your right and you pull in and you pass a chapel, which Frank built and you park your car and walk straight up to the gallery, which use to be a rabbit hutch. It is a great space for local artist to show their Art like this weekend for example Michael Corey Renne and his Photography.

People love to come here, I heard a lady asking when is the next opening and who is it going to be? And then she said does not matter I will be here again. It is a local spot to meet friends, listen to a life band and have a nice relax day in the desert.

You take a little Art Tour on the 2,5 acres owned by Laurel Seidl, who is also a creator of all this. She bought the property back in 1976 when she decided that she wants to live close to her mother, which is in her 90th and still alive today. Laurel went through different phases of her life while living here. She become a farmer, when she had to milk the goats her husband purchase and did not know how to take care of them. She had to deal with her personal life, but in the back of her head there was always a dream....a gallery.

Just 7 years ago she found a way to do it. At this moment there are ongoing private openings and there is space for artists to exhibit their Art. It makes Laurel happy and people come here all the time since it feels so real and honest.

One of the favorite spot at her property is an outhouse but it really is a foil all around that outhouse, which creates an effect that you see outside but people can not see you, when you are doing your business, it is a funny way to create Art from a simple thing as outhouse is....

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