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Go to the Bell Rock

What happens in Sedona, Arizona, stays in Sedona, maybe...but what happen in Cottonwood just about 20 miles away from Sedona comes with me...I got myself a new toy something to play with and I love it...it is ok to have things...something to Explore with...

Sometimes you just dont know, if things are not meant to be for you or they are, but Life just does not want you to have them easy, maybe the hard time is just God making sure that you appreciate them much more once you really get them and treat them with Love and maybe it is the same in relationship with people.

Sedona..oh Sedona what do I say...really? Is this really happening or is this a dream...do I live my own reality or projection of myself through me reflection of my inner side to the reality of all there is...

That does not make sense?..or does it? Well it did not to me either until I drove to Bell Rock for a Full moon because something was telling me to do so and right there on the parking lot looking at Bell Rock´s shadow light up by the moon I randomly opened the Book I got couple days ago in Healing Arts store in Sedona http://www.sedonastory.com/ from Rebecca Tinkle on the page 85 since thats how I read books I just open them anywhere I want. I never read from beginning to end...and I am reading ...

" Go up Bell Rock and you will find your answers. Something about her presence reminded him of Home. Not the Home that he grew up in, not even the home he created with his wife and daughter, but an unnamed home that existed long before. This intuitive sense of knowing was impossible of quantify. That instinct compelled him to listen to the message echoing through his thoughts."....citation from Book "The Secret of Mago Castle" by Rebecca Tinkle

...and here I am looking at the moon I walked closer to the Bell Rock and I see the eyes and I see a frog sitting on the Spring and she says:"I am alive and I see you." and I looked up to the moon and I see other dimensions around it..like Aura of the person..it is blue and it shines like the new cycle in my......thank you Mother Earth..

....at this moment I am sitting in a nice coffee shop called Indian Gardens near the town of Sedona eating a delicious goat cheese and local sweet cider and I think about the time in Sedona about the people I met and Noah who sold me the VAN through an unique journey, which is hard to explain...why would I..it just happen and no reason to understand...Go and find your own journey in Sedona....

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