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Fort Hary - Teepees in Czech republic

If you think nothing can surprise you..well thats not what I really think, but I like how it maybe I will say...once upon the time...nono..thats like a repeat...ok lets see...what about you always find what your souls matter where you are your soul is like a maybe it did surprised me when the first place I visited after crossing the borders with Germany and arriving to Czech republic was a little village in the heart of Bohemia called Fort Hary.

Not far form a German borders I met those beautiful people and I felt the same like I would be visiting Mt.Shasta in California...the children of those people were like from different time. They showed me the cottages they live in and it was like a little fairy tale.

A Hobbit would be jealous... I gave the girl a real Navajo bracelet and felt like everything is really connected. People just vibing together. It is all about the vibe..the energy we create towards each other...and at the end of the day we sit for hours and talked about concessions, UFO, life behind the conventional and about dreams coming true...when they told me they would like to visit the Native places in USA..I knew I wish they really could..since those are the people, who really deserve to go back in time and recreate the future..

They remind me of Karl May, German writer who visited USA after he wrote all his novels about Winnetou and Old Shatterhand just based on his Fantasy and people telling him stories, well like Einstein said Imagination is greater then knowledge, if you see it in your dreams you can do well as they did.

They created a village in the mittle of Europe with Teepees and invite you to feel like Natives on their plains....come on in and enjoy.

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