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Bike, tulips, windmills and Freedom- welcome to Amsterdam

Discovering city of Amsterdam was like discovering a part of me...born in Europe I thought I know the feel of Europe, but Amsterdam gave me something new and unique..that feeling of Freedom, which I know from USA and could never before find it in Europe.

On the way from Africa in February I had a layover in Amsterdam and on the airport I loved the little gift shops with tulips and windmills souvenirs for sale. I brought a drum from Africa and I heard people playing piano in the airport hall. Some lady said`: 'Go play your drum with them' and I knew I wanna discover more then just an airport.

So 2 days ago on the way to Prague to see my family I stop by for two days in Amsterdam. Staying on this boat

https://www.airbnb.cz/rooms/9060570 booked through Airbnb was a great adventure.

I got a bike right that day and bike to the central at 2am to find out that the City never sleeps. I met people in the streets just walking, talking and laughing and Life felt just God Dam Good...the next day I had time all the day and I got lost in the streets of Amsterdam.

What a great time to be lost in a place you have never been before....and had no desire to be found.

Well no one was looking for me my phone off and I walk in different stores and shops and taste the vibe of Amsterdam... I enjoy being alone, free to do what ever I want...

The stores sell products made from marijuana chocolates, cookies they also have a Mushroom tea, which I bought and tasted, but it is smooth and good and you can actually tak it on the plane...The girl in the shop was from India and she tells me a story, when she traveled back home to India and had to be careful what to take and not to take on the plane...she said they are pretty strict, but she know exactly whats llegal...

I keep walking in the streets and just absorb the Life. I see friendly people from all over the world. I dont know why that day in the morning I lost a stone I got from my Love couple years ago in Ecuador. Love I thought will never end and I wore that stone everyday until I lost it just today...suddenly I run into the guy from Peru, who has special stones from Peru and we talk about Life and Love and he just says I understand and handle me a new stone, beautiful new green stone from Peru...and my memories goes back to the time, when I loved and was loved and I am thankful to experience that...

New stone, new beginning....at the end it never ends since Life is infinite I may meet you again latest in the next Life so I am not afraid and alone since my heart never gave up...

I found myself once again in the street of Amsterdam and hear my friend saying:' If something is meant to happen, God will make it happen even you have to take a detour to reach it.'

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