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Why do we think we always need more?

And this time we just walk through the Pow wow gathering and enjoyed a beautiful day in Long Beach. After the warm evening spent at the beach yesterday, where we watched a sunset above the ocean and the full moon rising up right behind us, we felt new and reborn once gain.

How many times in this lifetime you die and are born again...well as many as you let your Spirit lead you...get rid off the attachment....and let the love flow into you.

It is not easy we want to keep what we know and what we are used to, but maybe it is not what we need anymore or what fulfill us, it may be just a comfort zone or false security or something else. Different reason for every single each of us, but we have to be true to ourselves. We have to move on to the evolution of our own consciousness there is nothing better in Life then get to know yourself. Every moment of your life counts, make it worth.

I asked a guy at the Pow wow since when you do those gatherings, he looked me with this wandering eye, like what do you mean and then after a long pause he said since the beginning...Is there a such a thing as a Beginning and End or is it a Circle as Everything...The Earth...The Full Moon...The Sun...Do we come and go all the time? How do we know? We don't.

But we can believe and have faith and that can help us at moments more then proof and explanations... sometimes we just feel it...

The appreciation of tribal living is a beauty of pow wow gatherings, yes it got a little commercialize, but it is ok. You still can see the connection, they come together and dance and also compete, but at the end they just want to be together, see the friends, be one with each other, hold the family tradition and enjoy the Tacos and Sun.

The Pow wow gatherings happen outside and the admission and parking is always free. Have a good time and enjoy the vibe.

We really have to understand that we already have everything as long as we have clean water to drink, fresh air to breathe and natural grow food to eat we are alive and we will survive.

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