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Vintage trailers in Palm Springs

Winter in Palm Springs area is just great. Coming back from Africa and first thing I see is an add in local Newspaper saying "Vintage trailer show" and here I go...

I could not find it first. I drove back and forth on a street and then finally I found Hilton hotel and drove in the back. Like all the treasures it was hidden and I had to kind of give up just to find it behind the next corner, the same like love, you will give up just to let Life to surprise you with unexpected turn out.

I went back in time. Back to the time when Frank Sinatra was singing in local bars and Marylin Monroe was just getting sunbath on one of those pools in Racquet club. Those trailers are for real, but they make you travel in time.

At the entrance I pay 20 bucks for a day to explore and get inspired. The show itself is a 2 days thing - a weekend February 25th and 26th this year. I also got a little piece of paper to put my vote on, each trailer has a number and i have to choose my favorite and put the number down. My favorite Nr. 5 and Nr. 19. I could not decide for one so I put both Numbers down.

One has a nice yellow flower decoration, which remains me of San Francisco and the other one is a gypsy trailer with an oil paint of Mexican murals in the front and back and pictures of Frida and other details from Mexican culture.... btw the very first thing I did after coming back from Africa I went to Mexican Cantina to have my favorite Margarita on the Rocks and quesadillas with Carne Asada and here just a day later I am standing in front of a cool trailer with two umbrellas in the front decorated with empty cans from Tecate Beer...of course I voted for it.

It is personal..since you see lots of different themes and trailers, Airstreams or Shasta, polish and refurnished to the owner´s imagination. Everybody has their own vision and then they just put the carpet out, set up a nice table and invite people for a chat. Some of them goes from show to show, they know each other and they gather is fun

and nice connection for people with the same interest.

Some of the trailers are for sale and the price starts at 10 000 dollars and goes up since those babies are real unique and one of the kinds. There were made cca 70 years ago and they look like brand new.

I am leaving with a nice feeling on my this something i would like to do? Travel and invite people for a coffee to sit and chat and write stories?

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