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Once you see a pink flying pig you know you are on the right path...

What a day..thank you my friend..actually friends...since I came back from the Tour I am experiencing everyday pleasure of people visiting or just reconnecting..and it makes me feel sooo good, like Life has a meaning, if you have people around who gets you, appreciate you and share Love with you..understand who you are and accept you for who you know who your friends are, you get support from family and you gain love through everyday are one of the Lucky ones...Lucky 7

Today I wanna tell you about intention. It started all early morning with the singing on the street and a pink flying pig passing by on the wheels and then I am like hmm will be good to have some morning Chai...and guess what my neighbor just stop by and he is holding a huge cup of fresh made Chai and the first thing he said:"Would you like some?" and at that moment I tried to remember the name of the movie I saw couple month ago, where I heard this sentence:" If you operate in 5th or 6th dimension your intention will happen like right the way...." and at that moment I see my friend at the bottom of the house...we are going to Topanga days.

She told me that she thought of me in the night and she realize that I should keep living my bohemian dream, but I should work as a Photojournalist and not a Tour guide and I told her well thats my ultimate goal in Life and then we took a shuttle up to the hill to the entrance of Topanga Days. Community fair for locals and others.

We look from the hill down to the community circle dancing and having a lots of fun, nice feeling of happiness surrounded our bodies standing there and enjoying the moment. Then I point out to a woman, who catch my interest from the whole crowd. I told my friend look at those flowers and my friend said look at her man he is dress up to match her......and since my friend is going through some personal deep healing we left to be in more quite place..we walked up to the Shakespeare theater in Topanga and there we sit and talk about life..and once we are walking out we see those couples dress up in flowers by an empty table right next to us..

they also said it was too crowded for them...

I asked them, if I may take a picture of them and the lady ask me what do I do..I said I write a little blog and work as a Tour guide, she ask who I work for as a writer I said just for myself and I see a sign PRESS hanging around her neck..

She said her name is Kathy and she works for local magazine...and if I will send her this blog...and thats when we start laughing with my friend and Life was just wonderful in the flow of coincidence and synchronicity...

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