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Can you see me?

Can you really see me? Can you really see the person you love? Can you see them without judging them? Can you see them with empathy and understanding? Can you see what they go through? Can you see through your own anger and pitty?

Lately I see some of my friends going through emotional suffer. Since I also go through my own lesson I can share some of my points of view. First of all take that pain, you do have to take it in, otherwise nothing will change. What I love about the emotional pain is a chance to change. I love it since suddenly the things I hold on for no reason the things which don't fulfill me anymore through the pain I can let go much more easier since I can face the truth.

I can look at myself in the mirror and say it does not work anymore, let go. The Lesson always opens your eyes and brings something new, but the hardest point is to take that pain. We try to escape, we use alcohol, drugs, rebound relationship to forget, but remember God gives you a chance to go deep, deeper then you have ever been before and it hurts. But once you take the step to change everything around you change. If you don't change anything everything will stay the same.

Being alone with the pain opens your eyes. Maybe that is why I get a comments lately...your have a beautiful eyes...People often call eyes the windows to the soul. But what exactly do we see when we gaze into the eyes of another person? In fact, the eyes do provide lots of information about another person’s emotional state. Maybe people see my soul soul is clearing and being pure brings out some discovery. Discover yourself through the pain, love the pain and let the pain rebuilt your own being. Start new and be aware of your choices and steps.. There is a beauty in pain and it is God saying I give your a chance again, but you have to be ready. And it takes time but stay with it, it is a process, sometimes it feels like forever, but I feel like layers are peeling off and I am becoming more vulnerable. I am open to the change...the change has to come from inside change for you...anybody else, but you because you want to. Dont do it to please others, do it for you only.

Because the answers you want and need come through the process. It is like those pictures. You wonder and you may make up some opinions about where am I but until you see the last picture you don't know....well some of you may know because they already visited the Desert X Art scene, but if you don't know you wonder...the same like you wonder in the pain you go through, but like they say...not all of those who wonder are lost...just an opposite of it...take it as a opportunity to grow...go places you never visit, start playing instrument you never played or just get to know yourself thankful for that chance in your life and built yourself once again based on the emotions you gain through the pain...realize what you want and don't and be ready...God has a plan and Love is always in the air and comes when we least expected it...See the whole picture and have faith.

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