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Bohemians in Miami beach

Complimentary fresh coffee in the morning is a good start of your day in a boutique hotel James located on James Ave. in the heart of Miami beach. Yes, it is a hard competition in the area. View on the Ritz-Carlton and other old Art-Deco buildings with hotels inside is the first thing you notice while looking towards the beach from sidewalk...walking distance to the beach from the hotel is only 10 minutes, which kind of makes you forgive the little updated beds in the room.

Next morning you ask at the front desk for the seats on the beach and you get two for free while on the beach you have to pay 75$ and even that includes umbrella the smaller ones from the hotel may be just good enough.

Close by you have several shops to buy drinks and food and the fridge and microwave in the room may become hand for late snack or breakfast....

And of course next thing you know the owner, who bought the hotel 15 years ago and made it from nothing to real Bohemian nest is Canadian, who speaks Czech because he married a woman from Slowakia.

He goes back to Europe every year and he is happy to share his story how he started in Miami beach with the first hotel, which then the city made him painted all in one color, which was not his style, so he bought an old hotel in a great location and made it into place where you wonder is this decoration tooo much or I really like it.....

and with the time you just love it and feel like home when you come in the lobby in the morning to sit on two hands or couch and have you morning coffee from the owner, who greets you with a big smile because he lives his dream....

and BTW having a place to park for free right in the hotel parking lot is a great advantage in Miami beach....well you have to speak a little czech to get the best spot...

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